January 31, 2013

Stick to the Tortellini, Mr. Bruni

Michael Sean Winters, National Catholic Reporter

This weekend brought two very different op-eds, one in the New York Times and the other in the Washington Post, both of which dealt with the Catholic Church. Mr. Frank Bruni penned the column in the Times which you can read by clicking here, and Cardinal Donald Wuerl wrote the op-ed in the Post, which you can read by clicking here.

Mr. Bruni, who earned his prime journalistic real estate on the Times’ op-ed page on the strength of his skills as a restaurant critic, used his column to castigate “an institution,’ the contemporary Catholic Church and what he terms its arrogance. He uses a forthcoming book by Garry Wills, which has not yet been published and which I have not read, to make his case.

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