January 30, 2013

Catholic School Girls Keep it Real

Robert Christian, Millenial

There is an insecurity epidemic that is raging among teenage and preteen girls in our society.  Last year we saw it most vividly in the spread of “Am I hot or not?” and “Am I ugly?” videos on YouTube, which not surprisingly led to vicious, hateful comments by anonymous commenters.  This year, there will inevitably be a new trend that highlights the ubiquity of this societal problem.

For educators, parents, and other observers, these trends are unfortunately not surprising. Far too many girls are being stripped of their childhood and subjected to pressures and events that destroy their authenticity, sense of worth, and trust in others.  They are transformed from little girls who will speak their minds, dance and sing in public, act...

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October 18, 2013
Why Are Young Muslims Leaving Mosques?
Ahmed Eid, Huffington Po.
It was a typical Saturday afternoon and I had decided to take my three-year-old daughter with me to the mosque to pray dhuhr (the afternoon prayer). While we were there, my head in prostration, my daughter running around in... more ››