RealClearReligion Morning Edition

Religion, in Private - Peter Berger, American Interest
7 Prayers for 5-Point Calvinists - Dan Delzell, Christian Post
Social Justice Amnesia - William Patenaude, Catholic World Report
A Growing Evangelical Covenant Order - Mark Schlachtenhaufen, ES
Liberal Protestant Book Club - Matthew Hedstrom, Religion & Politics
If the Internet Is Killing Churches... - Elizabeth Drescher, Rel. Dispatches
Catholics and Protestants Together on Baptism - Juan Castillo, Austin A-S
Evangelicals, Quasi-Evangelicals, and Nominals - Steve Thorngate, CC
Royal Ambassadors to Rival Boy Scouts - Erin Roach, Baptist Press
Atheist Scouts Need Not Apply - Jeffrey Weiss, RealClearReligion
Mormon Temples All Over YouTube - Emily Jensen, Deseret News
The Rabbi I Thought I Knew - Rick Schwartz, Washington Post

RealClearReligion Afternoon Edition

Catholic School Girls Keep it Real - Robert Christian, Millennial
A Look at the Religion of Sports - Michael Serazio, The Atlantic
When Is it OK to Burn Islamic Books? - Mollie Hemingway, Get Religion
Huckabee's New Book on Family & Faith - Art Toalston, Baptist Press
One Less Synagogue on Manhattan - Reid Singer, Jewish Daily Forward
Is This the End of Catholic Scouting? - David Gibson, Religion News
Mormons Against DOMA - David Colker, Los Angeles Times

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What Now, Lance Armstrong? - Marcus Brotherton
When Churches Compete - Shane Raynor
The Devil at the Dock - Joni Hilton