January 29, 2013

What Is This Thing Called Orthodoxy?

Thom Nickels, Huffington Post

The word 'orthodoxy' can conjure up foul associations. There's Bertrand Russell's famous quote, "Orthodoxy is the grave of intelligence," which covers any sort of rigid or right thinking at the expense of creative thought.

Orthodoxy (lower case) implies a strict adherence to tradition against which Modernism doesn't stand a chance. In Judaism, Orthodoxy is seen as that religion's supreme, most traditional expression, its un-reformed essence. In Christianity, Orthodoxy which has never had a Second Vatican Council or anything approaching a Novus Ordo -- Divine Liturgy with lay ministers and Protestant-style hymns -- is a window into the ancient Church. In fact, you could search the world for a modern young Orthodox priest with a guitar and a penchant for humming "On Eagles...

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