RealClearReligion Morning Edition

Megan Fox, Praying in Tongues - Stephen Marche, Esquire
When Jews Rewrote the Bible - Jonathan Sarna, Jewish Daily Forward
Boy Scouts Poised to Reverse Gay Policy - Michael Foust, Baptist Press
What Is This Thing Called Orthodoxy? - Thom Nickels, Huffington Post
Breakaway Episcopalians Elect New Leader - Mike Gryboski, Christian Po.
My Jihad, Your Jihad, Everybody Jihad! - Faith McDonnell, Inst. on R&D
A Church That Can Survive Shipwreck - Rod Dreher, Am. Conservative
The President's Blind-Eye to Christian Plight - Richard Russell, Crisis
Evangelism on the Ropes - Robert Dilday, Associated Baptist Press
In Peter Drucker's Mormon Utopia - Ronald Millett, Meridian Mag
Sin City Tops Megachurch List - Jeremy Weber, Christianity Tdy
If There Is a Pope... - Fr. Bevil Bramwell, Catholic Thing

RealClearReligion Afternoon Edition

Pope Benedict vs. Mark Driscoll - Elizabeth Drescher, Rel. Dispatches
When a Cross Goes in a Drawer - Carol Howard Merritt, Christian Century
Giving Up on Evangelicalism Would Be Easy - Alister Chapman, HuffPo
Is There Room for Secular Jews? - Adam Chandler, Tablet Magazine
A Mennonite Missionary to Methodists - Tim Huber, MW Review
Kaepernicking Revisited - Marvin Olasky, World Magazine
Dalai Lama Blocking for Tutu - R.R. Reno, First Things

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A Maurice Sendak Communion - Amy Holmes
How to Seek the Kingdom - Rick Marschall
Pastors Ran Crazy - Terry Mattingly