January 28, 2013

Kanye West Is Pro-Life, Are You?

John Burger, Catholic World Report

In the beginning, Nellie Gray imagined there would be a need for one march for life. It was a year after the Roe v Wade decision, and there was perhaps just enough outrage that people felt a legislative remedy could be attained.

“But then we realized that Congress wasn’t going to help, so we had a second,” Gray reflected.

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TAGGED: Youth Ministries, March For Life, Abortion, Pro-life


October 18, 2013
Why Are Young Muslims Leaving Mosques?
Ahmed Eid, Huffington Po.
It was a typical Saturday afternoon and I had decided to take my three-year-old daughter with me to the mosque to pray dhuhr (the afternoon prayer). While we were there, my head in prostration, my daughter running around in... more ››