RealClearReligion Morning Edition

The President's Puritan Bibles - Stephen Prothero, Wall Street Journal
Jack Lew, Super-Mensch - Nathan Guttman, Jewish Daily Forward
A Cheer for Richard Land - Mark Silk, Religion News Service
Rescuing Jesus From Religion - Johnnie Moore, Washington Post
Signs of Life Against Death - Sr. Helen Prejean, America Magazine
When Buddhists Fought Catholics - Philip Jenkins, Christian Century
Why Evangelicals Give and Don't Give - Melissa Steffan, Christianity Tdy
Should We Start Thinking About Mormonization? - Dave Howlett, Patheos
When the Holy Spirit Speaks in Portuguese - Andre Tartar, Rel. Dispatches
A Point of Light in Dark Europe - George Neumayr, RealClearReligion
Cooperative Baptists Nominate Woman Leader - Bob Allen, ABP
Mary Magdalene Madness - Roxane Assaf, Huffington Post

RealClearReligion Afternoon Edition

Meet Obama's New Inaugural Pastor - Daniel Burke, RNS
Poll: Pro-Life, but Keep Roe v. Wade - Dan Merica, CNN Belief
Vatican Recruits Tebow and Lin - Carol Glatz, Catholic News Service
Just the President, No Help from God - Paul Stanley, Christian Post
Who Said Mormons Are Conservative? - Richard Davis, Deseret News
The Rise of Israel's Orthodox - Allyn Fisher-Ilan, Reuters
God Is a Question, Not an Answer - Giles Fraser, Guardian

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Wishing Our Way to Doomsday - Russell Saltzman
God of Happy Coincidences - Andree Peterson
Why Is Prayer So Hard? - James Dwyer