RealClearReligion Morning Edition

How to Ordain Yourself - Kathleen Burke, Altcatholicah
God Behaving Badly - Jeff Brumley, Associated Baptist Press
The Decline of the Megachurch - Thom Rainer, Christian Post
Meet Dave Ramsey, Minus the Faith - Bobby Ross, Get Religion
Hindu Book Coming to a Nightstand Near You - Jordan Hultine, CNN
Trendy Episcopalians Love Atrocities - Mark Tooley, American Spectator
Help! We're Gay and We're Being Oppressed! - Tim Dalrymple, Patheos
Joseph Smith, Mother's Boy - Maurine Proctor, Meridian Magazine
French Tolerant, but No Gay Marriage - Tom Heneghan, Reuters
If Hobbits Are Good for the Jews - Jeffrey Saks, Torah Musings
The New Moral McCarthyism - Albert Mohler, Baptist Press
Jesus in the Mosque - Gene Daniels, Christianity Today

RealClearReligion Afternoon Edition

We Have Not Yet Begun to C.S. Lewis - Joel Miller, Patheos
American Taliban Wins Prison Prayer Case - Mariano Castillo, CNN
Wall Street Journal's Islamophobia Denial - Nathan Lean, Huffington Post
Novel Not Book of Mormon Template - Doug Gibson, Standard-Examiner
Paul's Jewish Roadmap to Heaven - James Tabor, Bible History Daily
Will Blessed Oprah Absolve Armstrong? - Mary Kenny, The Guardian
A New Jefferson Bible - Kimberly Winston, Religion News Service

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Faith Talk & Faithless Talk - Andree Peterson
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