RealClearReligion Morning Edition

A C.S. Lewis Lesson for All of Us - Eric Metaxas, Break Point
Dinner & Theology With Jehovah's Witnesses - Terry Mattingly, GR
Jesus 'Wife' Papyrus Hits Another Snag - Diana Chandler, Baptist Press
The President's Evangelical Bridge to Nowhere - Paul Raushenbush, HP
National Cathedral to Host Gay Marraiges - Michelle Boorstein, Wash Post
Grace? Isn't that What Lutherans Talk About? - Ryan Dueck, Christian C.
The Swiss Army Knife of Jewish Connection - David Suissa, Jewish Journal
Mundane Morality of Les Miserables - Jordan Ballor, Acton Institute
Anglican Nuns Become Catholic - William Oddie, Catholic Herald
The Race to Baptize - Jeff Brumley, Associated Baptist Press
They All Flock to BYU - Bridget Kreis, The Daily Universe
Who Trusts the Pastor? - Joel Miller, Patheos

RealClearReligion Afternoon Edition

Pastor Louie Giglio Backs Out of Inauguration - Daniel Politi, Slate
Jihadists Calling All Ex-Christians - Tom Osanjo, Christianity Today
Study: 'Spiritual but Not Religious' Crazy Druggies - Dan Merica, CNN
Those Crafty California Monks - Carl Bunderson, Catholic News Agency
When Jews Move Down to Dallas - Rabbi Epstein, Klal Perspectives
Evangelicals Aren't Funny - Larry Shallenberger, Relevant
In Fear of This Hell - Ryan Adams, Patheos

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Good to Be With Soldiers of the Faith - Jerry Johnston
The Difficulty of Saying Goodbye - Tim Drake
Praying for Hugo Chavez - Paula Newton