RealClearReligion Morning Edition

I See Secularism - Michael Sean Winters, National Catholic Reporter
Natan Sharansky's New Wall - Ben Sales, Jewish Telegraph Agency
Catholic Schools Need a Savior - McCloskey & Harris, NY Times
The Mysterious 60K Evangelicals - Mollie Hemingway, Get Religion
Muslims Join the Fight Against Gay Marriage - Tom Heneghan, Reuters
This Megachurch Methodist May Save Us All - Sam Hodges, UM Reporter
2013 Will Leave Religious Left Behind - Mark Tooley, American Spectator
Baptists Open Eyes to Epiphany - Jeff Brumley, Associated Baptist Press
Racist Fantasies of Anti-Mormons - Doug Gibson, Standard-Examiner
Schismatic Episcopalians Sue to Keep Land - Howard Friedman, RC
A Somber Coptic Christmas in Egypt - Shahira Amin, CNN Belief
When Atheists Die - Jaweed Kaleem, Huffington Post

RealClearReligion Afternoon Edition

The Perfect Christian Movie? - Stoyan Zaimov, Christian Post
Silly Cranky Evangelicals, Biblical Is Better! - D.C. Innes, World Mag
A New Way to Teach Mormonism - Jeffrey Marsh, Meridian Magazine
The First Atheist Church of London - Elizabeth Tenety, Washington Post
A Lot to Accomplish in a Sunday Homily - Thomas Baker, Commonweal
The Most Popular Jewish Song on the Planet - Chavie Lieber, JTA
When Secularity Invades... - Roger Olson, Patheos

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Disenchantment With Atheism - William Lane Craig
Bad Church Experiences - Ronnie McBrayer
Word Gets Around - Andree Peterson