January 4, 2013

Utah's Top Faith Stories of 2012

David Noyce, The Salt Lake Tribune

Mitt’s — and Mormonism’s — momentous moment

Mitt Romney made history and his faith made headlines. The former Massachusetts governor and Utah’s favorite adopted son — by virtue of leading Salt Lake City’s 2002 Winter Olympics — became the first Mormon to head a major party ticket, seizing the Republican presidential nomination in August. He came out swinging in the first presidential debate, staggering his stunned opponent. But President Barack Obama, who never seemed on the ropes, regained his footing in the two rematches and punched his way to a second term. In the end, Romney landed 206 electoral votes (including Utah’s 6) — 64 short of the magic number. His Mormon religion — seen as a possible handicap, especially during the GOP primaries — never...

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October 18, 2013
Atheists Afraid of Mormon Mafia
Matthew Piper, Salt Lake Tribune
The American Atheists say they had a tough time buying billboards for their Salt Lake City convention, and that goes to show what’s wrong with the Beehive State."What this really communicates to us is the stranglehold that... more ››
October 22, 2013
Bigger, Better Mormon Movies
Doug Gibson, Standard-Examiner
I just saw “Ephraim’s Journey,” which is essentially another take on — with a different perspective — of “17 Miracles,” which details the sufferings of one ill-fated handcart company... more ››
October 17, 2013
The Problem With Latter-Day Revelation
Ralph Hancock, First Things
The great Jerry Seinfeld once observed that a man doesn’t care what’s on TV. He only cares what else is on TV. (Seinfeld late-night re-runs being displaced by Modern Family, by the way, is a sure sign of decline.) This seems... more ››