January 4, 2013

Peter Jackson May Look Like a Hobbit, But...

Frank Schaeffer, Patheos

The debacle that is the movie version of The Hobbit, part one, reminds me of an old story that Dr. C Everett Koop told me over drinks just after he became Ronald Reagan’s Surgeon General. “When I was surgeon in chief at Philadelphia Children’s Hospital,” Koop said, “a lot of my work was fixing mistakes made by other doctors before the kids were sent my way. We used to get a lot of botched circumcisions. I remember one where they left everything they should have taken and took what they should have left.”

So it is with Peter Jackson’s first installment of The Hobbit. The spirit of the book has been almost entirely lost and replaced by a movie that looks as if it was made to spin off theme park rides and videogame derivatives...

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