January 2, 2013

John Paul II's Liberation Encyclical

Barry Hudock, Commonweal Magazine

Soon after moving to central Minnesota in the summer of 2011, I visited one of the region’s landmarks, the Mall of America: a four-million-square-foot collection of more than five hundred stores that includes an amusement park, a hotel, and twelve thousand parking spaces. As I roamed the mall’s crowded corridors, a set of half-forgotten phrases crashed around in my mind. I vaguely recalled that they came from something Pope John Paul II had said or written, but I couldn’t remember the precise source. Once home, I found the passage I had in mind. It could hardly have been more appropriate to the occasion:

The mere accumulation of goods and services, even for the benefit of the majority, is not enough for the realization of...

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TAGGED: Catholic Social Teaching, Pope John Paul II


October 16, 2013
Pope Francis's Doubleheader
George Weigel, Denver Catholic Register
I doubt that Pope Francis has heard of Ernie Banks, the Hall of Fame shortstop. But like “Mr. Cub,” whose love for baseball led him to exclaim “Let’s play two!” before Sunday doubleheaders in the... more ››
October 18, 2013
Cardinals in the Coal Mine
Keith Slack, Politics of Poverty
Is the mining industry having a “coming to Jesus” moment? Possibly, if one can judge by a recent Vatican gathering of mining industry leaders and activists.The “Day of Reflection” convened  in September by the Pontifical... more ››