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Your New Year's Resolutions Won't Work - Sungyak Kim, Relevant
Baby Boomers Go Back to Church - Matthew Brown, Deseret News
Cool Evangelicals in a Coffee Shop - Amy O'Leary, New York Times
Thank the Torah for Your Freedom - Rabbi Joshua Berman,
Nativity Relics From Holy Land in Chicago - Mary Wisniewski, Reuters
Writing a History of the Catholic Church - James Hitchcock, CW Report
Don't Let N.T. Wright Steal Christmas! - Jeffrey Barbeau, First Things
Les Miserables Isn't So Miserable - Mike D'Virgilio, American Culture
Gay Marriage vs. Natural Law - Manya Brachear, Chicago Tribune
You're Not Crazy If God Talks to You - Tanya Luhrmann, CNN
The Military Puts Us to Shame - David Skeel, Wall St. Journal
Why Blame Atheists? - Chris Stedman, MSNBC

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