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When Christmas Was Banned - Kevin Hasson, Wall Street Journal
The Real Santa Claus Lies Below - Adam English, CNN Belief
Did Paul Invent the Virgin Birth? - James Tabor, Huffington Post
Dobson and Huckabee, Nothing New - Jeff Brumley, Assoc. Baptist Pr.
This Scholar-Pope's Epiphany - George Weigel, Denver Catholic Register
Christ the King Not so Medieval Anymore - David Neff, Christianity Today
Rose-Colored Images of the Mormons - Cristine Hutchison-Jones, Patheos
Evangelicalism Uttered Its Last Breath - Becky Garrison, Rel. Dispatches
C.S. Lewis's First Real Communion - Jon Kennedy, Crisis Magazine
A Christmas Good for the Jews - Rabbi Benjamin Blech, Aish
Has Fiction Lost Its Faith? - Paul Elie, New York Times
Goodbye, Judge Bork - Michael Novak, First Things

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