RealClearReligion Morning Edition

A Bad Year for Evangelicals - John Dickerson, New York Times
Pope Benedict's Infancy Insights - Fr. C.J. McCloskey, NC Register
The Koran's Challenge to Be Like Mary - Hesham Hassaballa, Patheos
Where Jesus and Marx Walk Hand in Hand - Giles Fraser, The Guardian
Poll: Americans Still Don't Get Mormonism - Joseph Walker, Deseret News
Rick Warren's Saddleback Gets New Digs - Michael Gryboski, Christian Post
Does the Bible Prove Open Theology? - Thomas Oord, Christian Century
Huckabee: Sandy Hook Didn't Have a Prayer - Andrew Kirell, Mediaite
Huckabee the Ignorant and Confused - Peter Wehner, Commentary
The Patron Saint of Interfaith - Philip Jenkins, RealClearReligion
Kvetching About Female Rabbis - Scott Perlo, Washington Post
Gabby Douglas, Always Praying - Tim Ellsworth, Baptist Press

RealClearReligion Afternoon Edition

Canadian Non-Smokers vs. Santa Claus - Kelly Boggs, Baptist Press
Should Churches Denounce St. Nick? - Ruth Moon, Christianity Today
Hungary's Jews Face Down New Extremism - Marton Dunai, Reuters
Old Calendar Protestants in Appalachia - Tristyn Bloom, First Things
The Soloveitchik Who Loved Jesus - Shaul Magid, Tablet Magazine
Dark Side of a Wonderful Life - Anthony Gill, Research on Religion
Redemption for Rod Stewart - Orson Scott Card, Rhino Times

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Teaching Children the Wills of God - Delia Halverson
Loss of the Innocents - Ross Douthat
A Mother's Tears - Rick Marschall