Should Mormons Get Green?

This is an important question, and I don’t suspect there is an easy or satisfactory answer. As a founding member of LDSES, I have always wanted an organization that reaches out to the mainstream of the church membership and inspires them to consider the sacred doctrines of creation and of stewardship more carefully. I also hope that the organization might provide trusted information and education to help those with questions about environmental problems, examples of how different members are applying stewardship principles in a variety of ways, and ideas or suggestions about how to let your voices be heard in the public sphere. I imagine that the net result of a successful organization would be increased awareness, concern, and improved citizenship among our members pertaining to our environmental problems.

In my mind, it would be a mistake for LDSES to act collectively as a vociferous group of activists, but that is not because I disparage the role of activism, protest, letters to the editor, get-out-the-vote efforts, or any other form of citizen participation in the democratic process. I have been involved myself in such efforts. I honor and respect the many who stand up against destructive powers and seek to protect the environment with their activism.

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