RealClearReligion Morning Edition

Get With the Program, Anglicans! - Philip Jenkins, RealClearReligion
Joe Gibbs's Third Act: Evangelist - Foreman & Marrapodi, CNN Belief
The President's Christmas Tree - Elizabeth Tenety, Washington Post
Preaching at a Fundamentalist Bible School - Carol Howard Merritt, CC
Robert Mugabe Doesn't Like Pentecostals - Michael McGuire, Examiner
Can't You Hear Those Catholics Howling? - Austin Ruse, Crisis Magazine
For Evangelicals, Mormonism De-Demonized - Richard Mouw, Patheos
The Bloody Historical Hanukkah - Hilary Leila Krieger, New York Times
Baby Jesus was Poor - Susan Brooks Thistlethwaite, Huffington Post
What Is the Chief Justice Thinking? - Terry Mattingly, Get Religion
Old Mass, Old Church - Ron Schmit, National Catholic Reporter
Obama Swept the Nones - Liz Halloran, National Public Radio

RealClearReligion Afternoon Edition

No Pressure, Mr. President - Eric Metaxas, CNN Belief
The World Won't Be Saved by Tweets - Fr. Lombardi, Vatican Radio
A Niebuhrian on the World Stage - John Carlson, Religion & Politics
Jet-Setting Pentecostal Preachers - Sunday Oguntola, Christianity Tdy
Hanukka Hellenists - Stephen Gabriel Rosenberg, Jerusalem Post
A Queer(er) Mormonism - Xarissa Holdaway, Patheos
Notre Dame at 850 - Alexandria Sage, Reuters

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Jewish Christmas & Christian Hanukkah - Tim Kelleher
Keep Your Dumb Ol' Christmas - Rick Marschall
No Glitter, Glamour or Gluttony - Nell Green