RealClearReligion Morning Edition

The Real Father Christmas - Charlotte Allen, Wall Street Journal
A Year of Christian Stunts - La Shawn Barber, World Magazine
Russia's Radical Spiritual Confusion - Albert Mohler, Crosswalk
I Don't Want to Beat Up on Evangelicals, But... - Rod Dreher, TAC
Why Jews Don't Believe in Jesus - Rabbi Shraga Simmons,
The Church of Latter-Day Republicans - Canham & Burr, Salt Lake Trib
Mark Driscoll Is Wrong About Twilight - Beth Jones, Christianity Today
Catholics Allowed in the Royal Club - Matthew Fitzgerald, CNN Belief
A Paradox the Atheists Missed - Richard Schiffman, Huffington Post
Why Don't Catholics Read the Bible? - Dan Burke, NC Register
Rowan Williams Bids Farewell - Tom Heneghan, Reuters
Real Faith, Dead Religion - Matt Lewis, Daily Caller

RealClearReligion Afternoon Edition

How Christianity Lost Its Voice - Phil Cooke, HuffPo
The Mormon Philosophy on Gays - Joseph Walker, Deseret News
Cadet Quits Over 'Religious Indoctrination' - Michael Hill, Yahoo
Lowest Evangelical Level Since Dole - Napp Nazworth, Christian Post
Campus Christians Bar Women Teaching - John Bingham, Telegraph
Teaching With Sin and Sorrow - Adam Kirsch, Tablet Magazine
When Dave Brubeck Joined the Catholics - Joel Miller, Patheos

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