Time for Some Latter-Day Responsibility

A year ago, Connor Boyack, a Lehi political activist, published “Latter-day Liberty,” an interesting book that maintains that libertarian political ideals are compatible with Mormon doctrine. Boyack, a president at the Libertas Institute, possesses strong opinion-writing skills. A year later, Boyack is back with “Latter-day Responsibility,” (Cedar Fort), which explores agency deeper, arguing that the God-given liberty of agency requires initiatives by God’s children that further liberty. To not do so is opposition to God’s will, argues Boyack.

The doctrine agency, also known as free agency, was the core of the War in Heaven between Jehova (Jesus Christ) and Lucifer (Satan). A theme of Boyack’s book is that the battle fought in the pre-existence has never ended. Satan, the great persuader, is still fighting, on earth, to destroy the agency of individuals. Boyack argues that statism, through excessive law enforcement procedures, excessive regulation, welfare policies, public education, wars of choice, health care regulation, etc., are tools Satan can exploit to make us less free, tethered to the demands of others, and subsequently deprive us of our liberty.

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