November 28, 2012

'Half' Man's Mentor Warns of Cannibalism

Cavan Sieczkowski, Huffington Post

"Two and a Half Men" actor Angus T. Jones made headlines Monday for denouncing his hit CBS sitcom as "filth." As a result, Jones' mentor and Forerunner Chronicles host, Christopher Hudson, was also thrust into the spotlight along with his questionable theories -- one of which compares President Barack Obama to Adolf Hitler.

Hudson, who is appears alongside the "Two and a Half Men" star in the "Testimony" interview, is the controversial Forerunner Chronicles preacher behind Jones' outburst. Forerunner Chronicles is linked to the Voice of Prophecy Seventh-Day Adventist Church in Los Angeles, where Jones worships, according to the New York Daily News.

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October 15, 2013
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