RealClearReligion Morning Edition

Hollywood's Highest-Paid Hypocrite - Maria Cowell, Christianity Today
'Half' Man Dust Up: No Seventh Day Cult - Melissa Cronin, The Daily
'Half' Man's Mentor Warns of Cannibalism - Cavan Sieczkowski, HP
Trying to Pin a Label on Dorothy Day - Terry Mattingly, Get Religion
Jews in the Cult of Lincoln - Adam Mendelsohn, Jewish Daily Forward
Meet the Latter-Day Linebacker of Notre Dame - Eric Marrapodi, CNN
Gay Episcopal Bishop Moves to Dupont Circle - Jeffrey MacDonald, RNS
Orthodox Cathedral or Airport Terminal? - Rod Dreher, Am. Conservative
Crystal Cathedral Family 'Wiped Out' - Roxana Kopetman, OC Register
The Return of the Pharaoh - Susan Brooks Thistlethwaite, Wash Post
Why Did Nietzsche Hate Jesuits? - Fr. James Schall, Catholic Thing
Rob Bell, Episcopalians Need You - Ragan Sutterfield, Patheos

RealClearReligion Afternoon Edition

A Christmas Guide to Buying a Bible - Mark Bertrand, First Things
Judaism and Christianity's Common Genesis - Jon Levenson, Jewish ID
Time for Some Latter-Day Responsibility - Doug Gibson, Standard-Ex
Blaspheming Teenage Movie Star Recants - Rory Carroll, Guardian
Abortion Rate at a 10-Year Low - Melissa Steffan, Christianity Today
Britain's Church-State Nightmare - Trevor Grundy, Religion News
Women Bishops Oppose Themselves? - John Bingham, Telegraph

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Thanks After Thanksgiving - Janie Cheaney
Don't Ask God for Justice - Joel Miller
Annunciation - Mark Judge