RealClearReligion Morning Edition

The Archbishop's Great Gatsby Daddy - Jason Lewis, Telegraph
Left Behind by the Oil Shift - Philip Jenkins, RealClearReligion
Salvation Might Be Semiautomatic - Justin Silverman, The Daily
Leaving the Queen Mother of Megachurches - Manya Brachear, CT
Mormons Waiting to Get Hitched - Lisa Schencker, Salt Lake Tribune
Where the Holocaust Didn't Happen - Rachel Rosmarin, Jewish Forward
A Vaticanista Reads the Pope's Book - John Allen, National Catholic Rep.
Living as a Christian in a Non-Christian World - Richard Stearns, HP
Anglican Theology Goes Boom! - Sarah Coakley, Religion & Ethics
The Bloody, Nasty Old Testament - Ben Reed, Christian Post
The More We Laugh at Puritans... - Giles Fraser, Guardian
Where Are the Jews? - Sam Roberts, New York Times

RealClearReligion Afternoon Edition

Why Religious Liberty? - Ryan Anderson, Library of Law & Liberty
Ang Lee's Introduction to Jewish Mysticism - Gavriel Horan,
If God Is Imperfect, Have the Atheists Won? - Yoram Hazony, NY Times
I Want to Open a Gay-Friendly Mosque - Ludovic Zahed, The Guardian
What's All this Fuss About Hobbits? - Anthony Gill, Research on Religion
Utah Congressman to Write Elizabeth Smart Story - Paul Stanley, CP
Teen Ordered to Church for Manslaughter - Bob Allen, ABP

RealClearReligion Sermons & Self-Help

Your Own Advent Conspiracy - John Pattison
Christmas Dinner at Eight - Mark Judge
A Hike to Sudley Church - Mark Tooley