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Thank God for C.S. Lewis - Joel Miller, Patheos
Anglicans Are Blind, But Not Dead - Alessandra Prentice, Reuters
Nega-Jesus Versus Bizarro-Christ! - Christopher Abel, Relevant Mag
Devotional Canceled for Mormon Jordan - Trent Toone, Deseret News
A Full-Out Romp Against Mother Teresa - Oliver Darcy, CampusReform
Equal Time With Al Mohler - Miguel De La Torre, Associated Baptist Press
The Upside-Down World of Catholic Higher Ed - Anne Hendershott, CWR
Spooked by the Cardinal Newman Society - Dan Morris-Young, NCR
Have You Seen This Christian Scandal? - Jim Daly, Christian Post
These Jews Have Their Own Thanksgiving - Allan Nadler, JID
God Talkers Aren't Wacko - Peter Berger, Christianity Tdy
Methodists Aren't Going Anywhere - Pat Farris, UMR

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