RealClearReligion Morning Edition

This Year's War on Christmas Begins - Alex Murashko, Christian Post
Madonna's Red Strings Helps Judaism - Jay Michaelson, JD Forward
The Church Is 200 Years Behind What? - George Weigel, DC Register
Anglicans Face a Rough Ride in Parliament - John Bingham, Telegraph
The Coming Retirement Crisis - Jerry Filteau, National Catholic Reporter
Anabaptists in an Age of Evangelicalism - Devin Manzullo-Thomas, MWR
Thank God for Mormons in Yellow Shirts - Maura Grunlund, SI Advance
The Church of England Committed Suicide - Andrew Brown, Guardian
Hobby Lobby Not Religious Enough - Emily Belz, World Magazine
Who Is Communion For? - Charles Hefling, Christian Century
Sin as a Spectator Sport - Ian Ebright, Relevant Magazine
God on the Gridiron - Jeffrey Weiss, RealClearReligion

RealClearReligion Afternoon Edition

Believers in a Consumer Culture - Terry Mattingly, On Religion
Pope: Time to Change Jesus' Birthday - Nick Squires, Telegraph
Mormon Moment Segue to Mormon Millenium? - Neil Young, HuffPo
Obama's Double Standard on Creationism - Mollie Hemmingway, GR
How Thanksgiving Is Celebrated in the Bible - Paul de Vries, CP
How Democratic Were the Children of Israel? - Rabbi Sacks, JC
The Most Faithless of Fridays - Julia Smucker, Vox Nova

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Marriage Doesn't Just Happen - Anthony Esolen
Torah of Thanksgiving - Rabbi Steven Wernick
Beauty from Barrenness - Colleen Campbell
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