RealClearReligion Morning Edition

Rob Bell, Post-Evangelical - James Wellman, Ministry Matters
The Decline of Religious Vitality - Robert Benne, Institute on R&D
A Mormon Reporter on the Romney Bus - McKay Coppins, BuzzFeed
Here's to You, Bishop Robinson - Rev. Susan Russell, Huffington Post
Methodists Are the Opposite of McDonald's - Barbara Dunlap-Berg, UMC
Alaska Baptists Love Obama & Chick-fil-A - Diana Chandler, Baptist Press
What Would St. Patrick Do? - Kimball, Sanders & Bevins, Christianity Tdy
Denzel Washington's Pentecostal Flight - Sean O'Neil, Rel. Dispatches
Bishops Defend Catholic Tradition! - Terry Mattingly, Get Religion
If Only David Petraeus Read the Torah - Lori Palatnik,
For the Love of God, Study Latin! - Philip Pullella, Reuters
Pat Robertson Boggles My Mind - Joel Miller, Patheos

RealClearReligion Afternoon Edition

The Fall of King David... Petraeus - Daniel Burke, Washington Post
Mitt's Mormonism - Acceptance or Indifference? - Jerry Johnston, DN
Benevolent Sexism at an Evangelical University - Kristin Rudolph, JE
The Blind Man Who Walks on Water - Jeff Schapiro, Christian Post
Science Can be a Religion Too - Andrew Brown, Guardian
Self-Hatred or Self-Help? - Ben Cohen, Jewish Ideas Daily
Finding the Fun In Islam(ophobia) - Robyn Curnow, CNN

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Wrestling With God - Nathaniel Torrey
Advent Apocalypse - Shane Raynor
It's Never Over - La Shawn Barber