November 8, 2012

You Don't Know the Holy Spirit

Jack Levison, Relevant Magazine

Some friends from my days at Wheaton College recently spent some time with my wife and me in Seattle. We haven’t seen much of them since graduation, but know that they have committed their lives to the Holy Spirit’s leading—which, in their case, led them to opening a medical clinic for Quechuans in the backwoods of Bolivia. The native Quechua are small and dark, while the descendants of Spaniards are tall and white. My friends long ago threw in their lot with the small and dark people.

You’d think answering God’s call to the nations would be enough submission to the Spirit for any Christian couple. But as the evening wound down, our friends asked us if they should speak in tongues. An acquaintance gave them the name of her pastor to help...

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TAGGED: Pentecostalism, Holy Spirit


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