RealClearReligion Morning Edition

Welcome to a New Religious America - Paul Raushenbush, Huff Post
Spicy Anabaptists Can Get the Nones - Paul Schrag, Mennonite WR
You Don't Know the Holy Spirit - Jack Levison, Relevant Magazine
Buddhist, Hindu Make History - Daniel Burke, Religion News Service
There Won't Be Another Mormon Like Mitt - Doug Gibson, Standard-Ex
Pope to Obama: Remember Religious Freedom - Carol Glatz, CNS
Maybe We're Losing the Culture War - Ed Stetzer, Baptist Press
Evangelicals More Unified Than Ever Before - Grant & Olsen, CT
Mormonism Still Won - Peggy Fletcher Stack, Salt Lake Tribune
Big Oil Comes to Canterbury - James Chapman, Daily Mail
Jews Trying to Fix the World - Rabbi Ken Spiro,
What a Catastrophe! - Albert Mohler,

RealClearReligion Afternoon Edition

'Mormon Moment' RIP - David Mason, Washington Post
Pope Benedict Ups the Ante - Samuel Gregg, Crisis Magazine
An Education in Muslim Extremism - Jason Burke, The Guardian
Have You Prayed for Your President Today? - Jonathan Merritt, HuffPo
The Art of Interreligious Diplomacy - Matthew Brown, Deseret News
Can Jews Write History? - Alex Joffe, Jewish Ideas Daily
Spies of the Balkans - George Conger, Get Religion

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The Law of Kindness - Andree Peterson
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