March 26, 2012

Islam Is in the American Cornfields

Kristin Rudolph, Institute on Religion and Democracy

A recent study sponsored by the Hartford Seminary’s Institute for Religion Research reported a 74% jump in the number of Muslim Mosques in America since 2000. Only ten years ago, there were 1,209 mosques in the US, but that number grew to 2,016 by 2010. In response to the growth of Islam in the United States, Al Mohler, president of the Southern Baptist Theological Seminary (SBTS) led a panel discussion entitled "Christian Ministry in the Shadow of the Mosque" at the school’s March 20, 2012 chapel service.

Illustrating the dramatic demographic change, which includes the appearance of mosques in rural areas, Mohler reported, “There are 31 mosques in the state of Alabama … the state of Texas has 156 mosques.” Because Islam is no longer only in a distant...

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