How Evangelicals Meet the Mormon Moment

Although several primaries remain, Mitt Romney continues to be a front-runner for the Republican Party’s presidential nomination and the most viable Mormon presidential candidate in recent memory.

The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints (LDS) is more than 175 years old. It is among the world’s fastest-growing religions, claiming more than 14 million adherents, known as Mormons, worldwide. Even so, many Americans are unfamiliar with or ill-informed about it. Romney has had to contend with questions regarding his religion. He’s taken pains to highlight the values he shares with evangelical Christians, some of whose influential leaders remain skeptical of Mormonism. Last October, for instance, Pastor Robert Jeffress of the 10,000-member First Baptist Church of Dallas called the LDS Church “a cult” and speculated that evangelical Christians might not be willing to vote for a Mormon.

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