February 24, 2012

Methodists, Meet Your Emergent Church Guru

Joel Boersma, Institute on Religion and Democracy

Claremont School of Theology in California —known for its “ground-breaking, controversial” approach to theological study and practice— recently hosted a round table discussion with well-known “emergent” theologian Brian McLaren, United Methodist Pacific Northwest Bishop Grant Hagiya and pastor-comedienne Jane Voigts. The speakers offered their perspectives on the direction of the church, paying close attention to and at times embracing the postmodern context of the current age.

One of United Methodism’s most liberal seminaries, Claremont has declared itself an interfaith institution and now trains Islamic and clergy of other faiths. McLaren, as the foremost guru of the Emergent Church movement, now serves on Claremont’s board, although he is not a ...

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