Don't Let Your Church Have a Kodak Moment

Kodak—long the most esteemed name in the camera business—declared bankruptcy last month. Many business analysts have been discussing the reasons for the esteemed company’s decline and ultimate demise, but the short version is that Kodak did not adapt appropriately to changes in the market, technology, or culture.

With the rate of change accelerating as it is, Kodak's story offers significant lessons that leaders of every organization should be taking to heart not just to avoid eventual irrelevance and closure, but to thrive today and adapt better for tomorrow. The church is no exception. One of my favorite bloggers, literary agent Rachelle Gardner ( wrote a series of posts last week about what the publishing industry can learn from Kodak’s story, and with Rachelle’s permission, I’m tweaking some of her insights for benefit of all of us in ministry. First,

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