RealClearReligion Morning Edition

No Room for the Church in Obama Country - Fr. Robert Barron, RCR
An Odd Choice for Confessional Evangelicalism - Dave Strunk, B & C
The New Religious Coalition for ObamaCare - Mark Tooley, Am. Spec
Bishops Running Out of Reasons to Fight - Grant Gallicho, Commonweal
Why You Can't Enter a Mormon Temple - Linda & Richard Eyre, Deseret N.
Jesus Would Give Out Some Pink Pills - Carol Merritt, Christian Century
The Triumph of a Mock Jewish Wedding - Fred MacDowell, On the ML
New York's Very Own (Asian) Tim Tebow - Stelloh & Rosenberg, NYT
Baptists Beware, the Calvinists Are Here! - Erin Roach, Baptist Press
How to React to Reactionary Muslims - Jalees Rehman, Huff Post
Mrs. Obama Goes to the Evangelicals - Alexander Mooney, CNN
Does Barack Obama Get Religion? - Stanage & Parnes, The Hill

RealClearReligion Afternoon Edition

Let's Avoid the Scopes Trial, Round 2 - Ross Pomeroy, RealClearScience
When Your Husband Doesn't Believe - Virelle Kidder, Christianity Today
The Anglican Endgame on Women Bishops - Steve Parish, Guardian
I Love the Catholic Right and Left - Mark Judge, RealClearReligion
A Mormon Eiffel Tower in France - Lisa Bryant, Voice of America
Jeremy Lin: The Basement Tapes - Timothy Dalrymple, Patheos
Intolerant Bible Study? - Tim Townsend, Religion News Service

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I Love Jesus, but I Swear a Little - Nadia Bolz-Weber
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