How to Prevent Divorce

A couple of days ago, I found out about the recent engagements of two of the most prolific basketball stars of our generation, Michael Jordan and Lebron James. Also, I reflect on the recent divorce of Kobe Bryant, who publicly more than eight years ago admitted adultery to his former wife Vanessa for 10 years. Of course, since we are just talking about prolific athletes we cannot discount the very public divorce of Tiger Woods.

I know that athletes are not gods, and despite the money, fame and fortune that comes with such appeal, it hurts me anytime a marriage is dissolved. How does the magical connection that comes with consenting adults affirming their undying love for each other leads to its dissolution even if it means settling for as much as a billion dollars. It is time in 2012 to restore the sacred meaning of marriage as a society, culture and make a stand that we as a community and nation will uphold this sacred institution with dignity and accountability.

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