January 3, 2012

The Cost of a De-Baptism Certificate

P.C. Enniss, Christian Century

One of the most disquieting aspects of our secularized society is the way some of faith's most treasured traditions have become devalued, trivialized and usurped. I vividly recall a baptism in which the parents, who were marginal members of the congregation I served, requested four front rows be reserved for friends and family for the baptism of their daughter. I of course agreed.

The baptism was early in the service, and it went off without a hitch. But the moment it was over, the 40 or so friends and family stood and walked out of the sanctuary. I looked at my watch--it was 11:18. It was only the next day that I learned that the early departure was due to an 11:30 "baptismal brunch" at the country club.

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