December 23, 2011

Between Tebowmania and Tebowphobia

Colleen Campbell, St. Louis Post-Dispatch

Tim Tebow haters finally scored on Sunday, when the 23-year-old novice quarterback for the Denver Broncos succumbed to defeat at the hands of 34-year-old Super Bowl veteran and New England Patriots powerhouse Tom Brady. Prior to that 41-23 loss, Tebow had been on an improbable six-game winning streak, pulling off one miraculous fourth-quarter finish after another despite abysmal first-half performances and anemic passing stats. Even more improbable than Tebow's victories was the attention he attracted — positive and, especially, negative — as he marched from triumph to triumph with a grin on his face and a prayer on his lips.

That this former Heisman Trophy winner and famously devout evangelical Christian quarterback has become a Rorschach test for our attitudes on religion...

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