We Can't Be Certain Kim Jong-Il Is Damned

The North Korean dictator, Kim Jong-Il, finally died at the age of 69.  It is highly debatable whether or not his death will lead to liberation and life for the long-suffering people of North Korea.  Kim was brutal towards his own people.  To give just one example, he manufactured a famine in the 1990s where it is estimated that more than 2 million people starved to death.  While this occurred, Kim was dining on ample amounts of fine food and liquor.  He seemed to have little concern for the millions who were indoctrinated to serve their “dear leader.” Between internal politics and squabbling for power and international apathy towards the suffering within the “hermit kingdom,” the people of North Korea remain in need of God’s salvation.

I am relieved that this man is no longer in the world (and by the way, how is Zimbabwe’s dictator Robert Mugabe still hanging on?  He’s almost 90 years old!).  And I hope he is being punished for the horror and suffering he inflicted upon millions his own people.

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