Reform the US Commission on Religious Freedom

This November, if the Senate does not take action on H.R. 2867 -- the bill to reform and reauthorize the United States Commission on International Religious Freedom (USCIRF) -- yet another chapter of our country's myopic and special-interest driven approach to U.S., and in this case, faith-based foreign policy might just come to an end.

As a co-founder of a human rights organization that seeks to give voice to scores of Hindus around the world who suffer from both religious persecution and lack of religious freedom, and one which engages the Commission, perhaps I should feel a sense of panic over the potential demise of America's only quasi-governmental religious freedom watchdog that we in the field of advocacy shorten to "YOO-SERF." But, sadly, I don't -- at least not if it is going to be reauthorized in a way that will allow it to carry on "business as usual."

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