October 1, 2011

The Christian University

Francis Beckwith, Catholic Thing

As is evident by where and how we mark this event - in a church, accompanied by prayer and song - Trinity Law School, and the university of which it is a part, is Christian. "Christian" may seem a mere adjective that modifies "university" or "law school" in the same way that "regional" or "California" might. This temptation arises from a belief - widely held, though rarely challenged, in contemporary culture - that a Christian school is just a secular school except with idiosyncratic accouterments, such as mandatory chapel, rules about personal moral conduct, and a commitment to a list of religious dogmas to which its faculty must subscribe. Although these differences are of no small consequence, they are not, or ought not to be, at the heart of an institution that...

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May 16, 2012
Welcome to Post-Catholic Georgetown
John Leo, Minding the Campus
Kathleen Sebelius, Secretary of Health and Human Services, is scheduled to speak Friday at a Georgetown University commencement event, setting off protests among Catholics and others who believe the Obamacare mandate violates... more ››
May 16, 2012
Who You Honor Is What You Are
Fr. James Schall, Catholic Thing
Each year, controversy arises about the honorary awards that universities give to individuals judged worthy to receive them on the basis of a criterion of excellence. Scenes of students or faculty sitting with backs to... more ››
May 15, 2012
Professor Benedict Lectures the Professors
Terry Mattingly, NewsOK
In his latest address to American bishops visiting Rome, Pope Benedict XVI stressed that Catholic educators should remain true to the faith -- a reminder issued just in time for another tense season of commencement ... more ››
May 11, 2012
Hey Vanderbilt, Religious Liberty Matters
John Murray, WSJ
Last week, Tennessee legislators sent a message to Vanderbilt University: Religious liberty matters. Large majorities in both houses passed a bill to prohibit the school from interfering in the ability of student groups to... more ››
May 8, 2012
The Kids Are Alright
Nicholas Hahn, Crisis Magazine
Rick Santorum was on to something when he infamously called President Obama a “snob” for wanting everyone to go to college.Of course, that was only the sound bite version of what he said. Santorum fleshed out his... more ››