September 9, 2011

How WTC Cross Brought Hope After 9/11

Jeff Schapiro, Christian Post

"It was the story of hope in the midst of devastation, and we had heard about the story through one of the first responders," he said in an interview with The Christian Post on Thursday. It's the story about the cross, and how the cross ministered to many workers and many of the heroes that were involved in the days following 9/11 and the months following 9/11.”

The crosses were discovered on Sept. 13, 2001, in the remains of Six World Trade Center by rescuers who were searching for survivors. The rescuers came upon a cavern beneath the rubble, inside which they found four crosses standing upright.

Later the cavern would become known as “God's House,” as both Christian and non-Christian workers would go there to be ministered to during the...

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