December 21, 2010

To Santa or Not to Santa?

Lisa Mladinich, Lisa Mladinich

AP Photo

Last year my 10-year-old daughter asked me if we could pretend she still believed in Santa Claus. I said, "Yes! Why not?" Mind you, she knew all about the real Saint Nicholas, set up our Nativity scene with care, moved the Three Kings on their Advent journey around the living room, and added paper "hay" to an empty manger as she performed deeds of kindness and generosity (to make Jesus' bed softer and warmer). We decorated our Jesse Tree, read scriptures on her Advent calendar day by day, and lit the candles on our Advent wreath. We talked and shared and prayed our way through Advent, worshipped together on Christmas, and celebrated again on Epiphany. My little girl knew what Christmas was really about. But she asked for Santa just for the fun of it.

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