December 2, 2010

What Does It Mean to Be Poor and Blessed?

Eric Simpson, Huffington Post

AP Photo

More than a decade ago, I had a job working in an office at a strip mall in southern California, and I spent most of my time there. After dark, I would turn out the lights and sit at my desk and write. Not knowing I was there in the dark, nearly every night a homeless woman would arrive with a few cardboard boxes, put together a makeshift compartment to sleep in and situate it just outside the office in the cold air in a little cubbyhole that could not be seen from the street. I would sometimes hear her muttering to herself. On some nights when she thought she was alone and did not know that on the other side of the stucco wall against which she propped her head, I sat in a comfortable office writing book reviews and other assorted items on a computer screen, my fingers...

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