October 9, 2010

Sharron Angle's Pastor Problem

David Gibson, Politics Daily

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TAGGED: Mormonism, Harry Reid, Sharron Angle


May 10, 2012
We Love to Talk About Mormonism
Susanna Morrill, Patheos
My students love Mormonism–or, they love to talk about Mormonism, often quite critically. And it’s not just my students. Usually when I mention to someone who is not Mormon that I study Mormonism, their eyes light... more ››
May 11, 2012
Romney & Mormons Warming on Gay Rights
Carter Eskew, WaPo
There are reports that Republican leaders are advising that their troops to stay away from engagement on gay marriage. There are probably many reasons for that; the world is already out for their anti-gay marriage base and... more ››
May 9, 2012
The Slow Latter-Gay Tolerance
Doug Gibson, Standard-Examiner
We have an online letter in our newspaper, describing homosexuality as a crime against nature. Not surprisingly, it’s generated a lot of heated responses, most opposed. I find the letter offensive. It calls homosexuality a... more ››
May 9, 2012
Mitt Romney Is No JFK
Fr. Michael Orsi, Crisis Magazine
With Mitt Romney the presumptive Republican nominee for President it is important to know something about his religion. As a practicing Mormon─ or the Church’s preferred name, “Church of Latter Day Saints”... more ››
May 18, 2012
Prepared for the Apocalypse--or Guests
Kate Holbrook, Patheos
Chef James Beard is a hero of mine. His prose is clean, content-rich, and full of wry opinion. He honored history and tried to be an Everyman. Beard’s manifesto in favor of ham as party food changed me forever.Imagine my... more ››