September 9, 2010

Who Does Feisal Think He's Fooling?

Cathy Young, Frum Forum

With the ongoing "Ground Zero Mosque"� firestorm and the bigger battle over Islam in the United States, the founder of the proposed mosque/cultural center, Imam Abdul Feisal Rauf, has become one of America's most debated figures.  In one narrative, Rauf is the very model of a modern Muslim moderate: a brave champion of peace, tolerance, and Islam with a human face.  In the other, he is a stealth jihadist who offers a friendly façade to gullible Westerners while preaching extremism to other Muslims and pursuing a hidden agenda of replacing the U.S. Constitution with Koran-based Sharia law.

But the portrait that emerges from Rauf's actual record differs from both these versions "“ and illustrates some pitfalls of the quest for moderate Islam.

The first narrative,...

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